— Commissioned by SILENT CIRCLE —

Asking people on the street to read the app permissions on their phone out loud, to raise awareness about data privacy.

Let’s just say they're not thrilled...



Daily Mail "I feel like I'm giving over my life"

Gizmodo "Reading App Permissions Aloud Can Make You Realize How Scary They Are"

Fast Company "Here's What Happens When You Ask Smartphone Users To Read Their App Permissions Out Loud"

Tech Crunch "Hey, User! Do You Know What Your Apps Are Up To?"

Business Insider "People shocked by what they actually agreed to"

PSFK "People on the Street Read App Permissions Aloud in State of Disbelief"

#privacyproject twitter response


Directed & Edited by Ivan Cash

Director of Photography: Brian Frank

Original Music Composition: Evan Shornstein

Audio Post-Production: Juan Abel Elias

Producer: Kacey Hart

Color Grading: Ayumi Ashley

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Agency: Chapter SF

Client: Silent Circle