Selfless Portraits

Selfless Portraits is a collaborative art project where strangers across the world draw each other's Facebook profile pics.

Over 50,000 drawings were submitted from 153 countries during the project's 3-year span.



Buzzfeed "Art that brings the world a little closer together"

Business Insider "Takes advantage of Facebook's 1 billion user audience to bring together random people in a raw, almost vulnerable way."

Gizmodo "Having Strangers Draw Your Facebook Profile Pic Is Freaking Awesome"

Mashable "Turning Facebook into a showcase of personal expression"

Yahoo! "Eclectic and brilliant"

Fast Company "These Amazing Images Are What Happens When You Ask A Stranger To Draw Your Facebook Photo"

PSFK "Bringing a world of seven billion people a little bit closer"

CREATIVITY "You Draw My Face, I'll Draw Yours"



Webby Honoree

Webby Official Nominiee



Creators: Ivan Cash & Jeff Greenspan

Producer: Luis Peña

Developer: Rally Interactive

See more portraits at Selflessportraits.com/gallery