Snail Mail My Email

Snail Mail My Email is a community art project where volunteers transform strangers’ emails into handwritten letters, free of charge.

2,000 volunteers have artistically interpreted and collectively sent 29,249 letters to 80 countries since the project began in 2011. 



CNN "Call it technology in reverse"

The Wall Street Journal "The pen is mightier"

Los Angeles Times "Sends old-school handwritten letters for free"

Forbes "Using Tech to Reverse Tech"

Gizmodo "Get the Thoughtfulness of Snail Mail With None of the Effort"

PostSecret "How heartfelt emails become works of art"

USPS "From Pixels to Postage"

GOOD "Marries Romance of Analog with Convenience of Digital"

CREATIVITY "Fall back in love with letters"

Engadget "Outsources your emotions to foreign hands"


Sample Letters:


SMME was published as a book, allowing the letters to reach an even wider audience.


Letter Map:



Published as Hardcover Book (Link)

Webby Nominee



Founded by Ivan Cash

Full list of credits: Snailmailmyemail.org