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To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, LGBTQ+ artists, activists, and everyday heroes from different generations came together to have candid conversations about what pride means to them.


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Feature Shoot “Celebrating 50 Years of Pride”

Director’s Cut:





Director: Ivan Cash

Production Company: Curfew

Partners: Spencer Dennis, Mark Smith

Executive Producer: Kathryn Berk

Line Producer: Anna Pitman

Director of Photography: Peter Pascucci

Editor: Erik Aull

Composer: Roger Neil

Post Producer: Jake Kolton

Mix & Color: Mission Film & Design

Client: Airbnb

Executive Producer: Lindsey Linger

Executive Creative Director: Tony Hogqvist

Marketing Director: Andrew Speyer

Marketing Manager: Anne Mueller

Creative Lead: Ivan Cash, Christian Rongavilla, Roger Hoard

Producer: Julia Pepe

Partnership Lead: Sanna Akhter

SAGE Senior Digital Content Manager: Anna Wahrman

Copywriter: Cameron Hamlet

Design Lead: Santiago Carrasquilla

Designer: Sungpyo Hong

Production Coordinator: Sofia Aguilar, Emily Lin

Social Lead: Deepti Sataluri

Digital Media: Dwight Pirtle


Lujira Cooper: Stonewall Veteran and Writer

Frankie Giangarra: Camp Counselor

Marcia Gilbert: Designer

Richard Haines: Artist

Fatima Jamal: Artist and Activist

Brigid McGinn: Activist with Gays Against Guns and Educator

Kenrick Prince: Film Director

Barbara Rosen: Stonewall Vete

ran and Board of Directors at SAGE

Scott Shigeoka: Designer and Storyteller

Mohammad “Momo” Ullah: Activist

Charles “Val” Valentino: Stonewall Veteran & Singer of Gay Anthem ‘Born This Way’

Leah Wasilewski: Artist

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