Hack Marriage

We successfully hacked dictionaries to update the meaning of marriage. 

AUGUST 23, 2013: “Oxford Dictionary Will Change Definition Of “Marriage” To Include Gay Couples”



Huffington Post "And we can finally call gay marriage what it should be called: Marriage"

Yahoo News "Helping us advance equality"

ABC News "Dictionary hackers update meaning of marriage"

Mashable "Hey Dictionaries, It's time to get an update"

Fast Company "Hacking The World's Dictionaries To Change The Definition Of Marriage"

MSNBC "Redefining marriage — literally"

PSFK "Guerrilla Editors Hack Dictionaries"

Jezebel "This is some Robin Hood shit"


“If you make something no one hates, no one loves it.” — Tibor Kalman



Co-Creators: Ivan Cash, Nick CadeValeri Schwartz, & Pedro Sampaio