‘Last Photo’ Project

The ‘Last Photo’ Project is a video series where artist / filmmaker Ivan Cash asks strangers across a given city to share the last photo on their phone and the backstory.

The project has become a viral sensation,
received international recognition, two Vimeo Staff Picks, over 1M collective views, and inspired off-shoots across the world.



Wired "Surprisingly intimate"

Daily Mail "Touching, funny & downright odd"

Mashable "Funny and heart-warming"

Fast Company "Weirdly fascinating glimpses into each person's life"

Buzzfeed "A wide array of responses from the lighthearted to the truly touching"

Washington Post "A Surprising New Project"

PSFK "For Ivan Cash, our smartphone camera rolls are a window into our lives"

MSNBC Interview on National TV

Yahoo "Here's a novel way to explore a city"

Gizmodo "A touching look into something we all do all the time now: take photos"


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‘Last Photo’ Project Featured on National Television: